ExoCubes are 3D laser engraved glass maps of potentially habitable exoplanets within 50 light years of Earth. Each ExoCube comes with a handcrafted mineral sphere to represent these alien worlds. They make the perfect gift for a space enthusiast, future astronaut, astronomer or anyone interested in finding life in the Universe.

All profits go to the construction and development of new technologies of finding signs of life on nearby exoplanets.

ExoCube Includes:

  • 1 ExoCube of Choice (limited edition)
  • Premium ExoCube Gift Box
  • ExoCube Microfiber Polishing Cloth
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ExoCube Proxima b Unboxing

Additional information

ExoCube Version

54 Piscium b (smokey quartz), 61 Virginis b (red aventurine), Dagon (grey agate), Dimidium (carnelian), Gliese 176 b (clear quartz), Gliese 180 b (sodalite), Gliese 436 b (madagascar agate), Gliese 581 c (celestite), Gliese 667 Cc (citrine), Gliese 832 c (green aventurine), Gliese 876 d (amethyst), HD 192310 b (ruby zoisite), HD 219134 b (white howlite), HD 85512 b (blooded stone), Janssen (crinoid jasper), Kapteyn b (green jade), Majriti (black obsidian), Proxima b (lapis lazuli), Quijote (rose quartz), Tadmor (tiger eye), Taphao Thong (white jade), Taui ceti e (chevron banded amethyst), Thestias (red jasper), TRAPPIST-1f (tourmalated quartz), Wolf 1061 c (labradorite)

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