Exo-Mini’s are hand-crafted genuine mineral spheres that represent potentially habitable exoplanets within 50 light years of Earth and make the perfect addition to your desk, bookshelf or mantle. Each Exo-Mini comes with a custom laser engraved hematite mineral ring display base, making it a great add-on to your existing full-size ExoCube.

ExoMini Includes:

  • 1 ExoMini of Choice (limited edition)
  • Premium ExoMini Gift Box
  • ExoMini Microfiber Polishing Cloth
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54 Piscium b (smokey quartz), 61 Virginis b (red aventurine), Dagon (grey agate), Dimidium (carnelian), Gliese 176 b (clear quartz), Gliese 180 b (sodalite), Gliese 436 b (madagascar agate), Gliese 581 c (celestite), Gliese 667 Cc (citrine), Gliese 832 c (green aventurine), Gliese 876 d (amethyst), HD 192310 b (ruby zoisite), HD 219134 b (white howlite), HD 85512 b (blooded stone), Janssen (crinoid jasper), Kapteyn b (green jade), Majriti (black obsidian), Proxima b (lapis lazuli), Quijote (rose quartz), Tadmor (tiger eye), Taphao Thong (white jade), Tau Ceti e (chevron banded amethyst), Thestias (red jasper), TRAPPIST-1f (tourmalated quartz), Wolf 1061 c (labradorite)

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